Al Phillips

AI Phillips for Delegate Maryland District 39 in Gaithersburg, Maryland, is a strong, conservative candidate and the best choice for Maryland voters. Please
support him on Election Day with your vote.

Sound-Minded Conservative Candidate:

l'm seeking the office or Maryland State Delegates in District 39. as i did in 2010. The reasons are the same then as they were then. Maryland is not getting what they are paying for as they are having a higher tax burden than other states. The conditions in Maryland have strongly deteriorated in the last four years. Evidence of this deterioration can be found in several areas. including businesses and individuals leaving Maryland. One long-time business decided to take its business operations elsewhere due to a restrictive regulatory climate, which resulted in hundreds or job losses.

Excessive Taxation:

As a life-long Maryland resident, I personally know people who have moved due to the taxation and undue regulation. We now have a weaker economic
climate in this state as a result of and failure to secure new revenue. This cycle has led to a large amount of dissatisfaction. with about 47% of our residents
stating that they would leave if they could. The lack of desire to eliminate wasteful spending. as well as a lack of desire to lower Maryland's income tax rates
(corporate. income, sales, and others) will not give people an incentive to move to Maryland. Our corporate tax rate is 2% higher than that of me state of
ngnia, This represents a major impediment to job creation and continues to be the case as long as the same politicians continue to be elected. These same
politicians. who stopped job creation and engaged in backroom deals. strong arm tactics. and contributed to the culture of corruption. are to clame. Such
corruption can be seen in a former state delegate. as well as a former county executive from Maryland‘s majority political party, If elected, I would be an
effective counter to the negative aforementioned situations. and also a citizen legislator. not a career politician.

Contact the office of AI Phillips in Galtheaburg. Maryland. for more Information about his positions.

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Al Phillips For Maryland State Senate District 39
18521 Grouse Ln. Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Tel 301.452.1961

Email: me@aldistrict39.com

By authority of Debra L. Phillips, treasurer, Al Phillips for State Senate, MD District 39