Fiscal Policy

Lower State Taxes & a More Sound Fiscal Policy In Montgomery County District 39

AI Phillips lor Delegate Maryland District 39 in Gaithersburg. Maryland. is campaigning on reduced state taxes and a more stable fiscal policy for Maryland. .

Tax Cut:

Simply-stated. the tax burden should be lightened for all Maryland residents. and cuts should be made to all state taxes including personal income. corporate
income, real property. capital gains. and sales. Tax cuts should be offset by current budget spending cuts. There is a lot of money being wasted in Annapolis.
and this practice should cease. Ineffective and under-performing state programs should be defunded to help ensure that taxpayers have more of what they
earn. This will also help ensure job creation, which is urgently needed. Reduce taxes on gasoline, alcohol and tobacco so that more money stays in Maryland.

Stronger Monetary Policy:

AI believes that money should be sound. and have a true value. No agency at any level should be able to print fiat currency which isn't backed up by any hard
currency such as gold or silver. Our economy would take steps to improvement if we had a semblance of a gold and silver standard in place. where these
precious metals could be used as currency to compete with the Federal Reserve notes. Maryland slate policy should encourage creation 0! such a system.

Contact the office of AI Phillips in Galtheaburg. Maryland. for more Information about his positions.

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Al Phillips For Maryland State Senate District 39
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By authority of Debra L. Phillips, treasurer, Al Phillips for State Senate, MD District 39